Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Then There Were Two!

11 years ago my second child was born … a precious, baby girl. After my son was born, I did not think I could possibly love another child as much as him, but of course, I proved myself wrong. With my first child … I was SO sure it was a girl, and my husband was SO sure it was a boy … but once I saw him, it didn’t matter whether it was a boy or a girl, he was just SO perfect!

Having a little boy was such a joy. With my great love of sports, I was overjoyed to have a little boy to share that with. When he was two years old, we sat on the couch together and watched Mark McGuire hit home run number 70 … and he could not have been more excited. My son has red hair, loved baseball, worshiped Mark McGuire and loved spending time with his Momma … what more could I want? But soon enough we decided we wanted to add on to the family.

When I got pregnant the second time, we wanted to find out the gender before he/she was born, but he/she was having NO part of that. When they did my ultra sound, the umbilical cord was right in between the baby's legs, so that we could not see a darn thing! (Shades of who this child would become! Haha)

Then, I went into labor at 29 weeks, Labor Day weekend in fact, and was on bed rest for 8 weeks, taking medicine every four hours to keep me from going into labor. And once they took me off the meds, she was born within 48 hours, and hit the ground running … and has not stopped since!!

My daughter is definitely a “second child”. She is very competitive by nature, head strong, opinionated, is always testing the boundaries and goes full speed ahead, all the time! She is the child that does not require much sleep. The last one to bed at night. The first one up in the morning. This child, absolutely, will give me a run for my money when she hits the teenage years … that I know for sure!

Motherhood has been quite a ride, I must say … and it has lived up to every bit of what it was cracked up to be … the good and the bad! It’s really difficult for me to believe that my children are 11 and 14 already. It sure has flown by fast. But I could not be prouder of them both!! They do well in school, sports, extracurricular activities. They are polite young adults. And they are both a joy to be around.

I would just like to pause for a moment to tell my beautiful, enchanting, creative, smart, talented, competitive, sassy daughter … how much I love her, how much of an absolute joy it is to be around her, and to wish her the happiest birthday ever!! I love you KK!!


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