Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Month of UN's

This must be the month of UN's.

Rocket's Pep Rally speech on Friday night was about UNbelief ... and the St. Louis Social Media Club's speaker last night, Scott Stratten, talked about UNmarketing!

Here are some fun takeaways from his "engaging" UNmarketing talk!
  • People don't spread meh ... they spread awesome!

  • Don't blog just to blog ... blog when you have SOMETHING TO SAY!

  • The momentum ... of said blog, or other various medium ... carries through on social media.

  • I don't care how people consume my product, I just want them to consume it!

  • My best SEO rule: Write great freakin content! Create the awesome first ... then SEO!

  • An engagement is more valuable than a click!

  • Social Media success/failure doesn't exist ... social media just amplifies things ((makes bad things suck even louder ... or good things even better!))

  • People do business with people they: Know. Like. Trust.

  • What is my ROI on Twitter? Every time you ask this, you kill a kitten. And a unicorn.

  • Twitter does not have ROI ... it's about building relationships. Business = Relationships

  • DON'T sync Twitter and Facebook ... it's not efficient ... it's LAZY.

  • Be Authentic. It takes a thousand tweets to build a reputation, and only one to ruin it!

  • If you don't have time for your medium, remove yourself from the medium.

  • Flamed on Social Media? People will stand up for you. People will know who the moron is.

  • If the comment is damaging ... remove it. If it is constructive ... learn from it.

  • Don't piss off the geeks ... we having nothing to do all day ...
    (sitting in front of computer in Mother's basement ... haha.)
Want to hear more of what Scott has to say? Check out his UNmarketing blog!
Cheers! ... and happy engaging!

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