Thursday, November 4, 2010

The New Notre Dame Nation

Looking for a community of Notre Dame fans where football can be discussed without all of the negative energy? Then please check out my friends "The New Notre Dame Nation" on Twitter!! @thenewNDNATION

Here are a few rules to keep the community fun!!

Rule 1. Stay Positive! We all get mad, angry, frustrated with the Irish, but we will stay positive. No ND Bashing, No FIRE BK, No that player sucks, No we are going to lose this or that game. Just stay positive leave the negative to the haters!

Rule2. You MUST follow ALL NNDN OFFICIAL members! they will be listed on the full profile in the list section.

Rule3. There will be "challenges" to complete. Nothing hard just tweeting certain people and things of that nature. Please complete them in a timely manner. Some might be time sensitive. If you cannot complete a challenge then contact me and let me know so I don't boot you out. Also, along with "challenges" there will be "must follow". these will be certain ND people to follow. Most of them you will be already following!

Tweet with you soon!


Bridget ... on behalf of @thenewNDNATION

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