Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Wrapping

It's hard to believe ... but Christmas is just FIVE DAYS AWAY. Holy cow! Where did the year go? I've been dancing around the house, frantically trying to get everything just perfect, and I have my favorite Christmas song stuck in my head. Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses.

What, you don't know it? Well then clearly you are a newbie to my blog, because I wrote about it last Christmas. Or, you are like me and have CRS ... Can't Remember ... wait, what does that S stand for?

Anyways, click here to read last year's Christmas Retro Friday post and enjoy a little Christmas Wrapping!!

And most of all ... enjoy yourself and dance a little this Christmas season!!


(Oh, and while I have you here, let me throw in a tiny little shameless plug! Please don’t forget to vote for me as the Notre Dame rep in Volvo's "Biggest Fan of the Big East" contest … Click here to cast your vote!! And ask your friends to vote, too ... because let's face it ... I need some serious voting help!)


  1. If I could cast a million votes for you I would, in a heart beat!

    I really enjoyed this latest post. I hope Santa is very good to you this Christmas. Okay, back to your happy dance :D

    Good night

  2. I hope you get all the presents and warm wishes you want. If I know you, I bet you just want everyone to be happy and safe. Great post! Tammy

  3. Ugh, i actually hate the title of the song. :-) The reason is i am totally unable to wrap presents. If i try it, they look like crap. A four-year old is better in this. :-)

    Normally for Christmas i am sticking to Saint Etienne, as they release each year a limited Christmas EP.
    Current favorite: Gonna Have a Party

    And this ran in Keenan Hall in '93 :-)
    Saint Etienne - I was Born on Christmas Day

    Last year i got into London with the last flight, shortly after London Heathrow closed due to Snow blizzards.
    I went to the Saint Etienne concert and was stuck in London the next day as the airport was still closed.
    It was a nightmare, but worth it... :-) Here one snippet:
    Saint Etienne - DJ (Live At HMV Forum, 18th Dec 2010)

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