Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five Questions: Providence

My final edition of Five Questions features Notre Dame's final Big East Conference opponent, Providence . My fellow "Biggest Fan of the Big East opponent, David Pean, Providence alum and writer at Friarblog, has agreed to stop by and answer my Five Questions. Thanks David!

What team are you most looking forward to playing in Big East play?

Every year Friar fans circle the UConn game on the 'ol calendar. It doesn't matter how bad PC seems to be doing at the time, they always come to play against their biggest rivals (even if UConn doens't see Providence this way). Heck, even Keno was able to beat the Huskies a couple of years ago!

What is the biggest improvement Providence has made this year from last year?
Aside from getting rid of a coach who ran the program directly into the ground? Ed Cooley has had a thin roster to deal with this year thanks to Keno Avis (because there's no D!), but he's really gotten a lot out of his team. There's been a lot of close losses and pain in this rebuilding year, but the team often shows tremendous fight when it looked like a blowout game looming. Cooley has brought the team better shot selection, team togetherness, and hope in Friartown by just simply getting the team to play hard every night.

Who is your favorite player on the team?

Ryan Gomes has always been my favorite Friar of all time, and it looks like Ed Cooley has a 2.0 version of him in freshman LaDontae "Buckets" Henton. He plays like a veteran already, and is not afraid to take a big shot. We knew he would be a great rebounder off the bat, but his offense has been a pleasant surprise.

What quiet player will become a standout player before the year is over?

Well the year is practically over, can I still say Bryce "Ice" Cotton? He's a quiet kid, and eats three pointers for breakfast.

What is the best part about playing in the Big East?

The best part of the BIG EAST is the competition night in and night out. To be the best, you gotta beat the best. While I can't say the Friars have been the best while I've been following them, there's always the chance right? I also love going to the BIG EAST Tournament every year. Catching some games, shooting the shiznit with all types of fans at the bars around the Garden, it's always a good time despite the crappiness of my team every March.

[bonus] What is your prediction for the score of the Notre Dame - Providence game?

I can't remember the last time the Friars were able to beat Notre Dame, let alone in South Bend. Cooley has PC playing a different brand of basketball, but the ND shooters could have a big game from long range and have a comfortable 10-15 point win.

Thanks again to David for stopping by and answering my five questions. Please stop by his blog, Friarblog, and show him some Big East Conference love!

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Cheers & GO IRISH!

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  1. Thanks David for your response. This should be a really good game. I'll keep my eye on "Ice" tomorrow night.

    It's been so much fun following your blog this year. I'd like to formally request you continue your "Five Questions" post next year :)

    And you have my vote(s) for your chance to be named the Biggest Fan of the Big East. But even without a contest to prove it, it's clear in my mind YOU are the biggest fan!!!! Good luck!

    And as ALWAYS, GO IRISH!!