Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tati the Tiger

Now that I have relocated down to the Branson area where our two zoos are located, I am going to start introducing you to some of our animals. Today I'm going to introduce you to one of our tigers, Tatiana, or Tati for short. 

We've had Tati since she was a small cub, and she really loves my son as he was with her during her formative years. Last night he was running the length of two sides of her enclosure, and she was running right along with him. It's pretty cool to see which humans they attach themselves to. She is a beautiful, playful creature, and has a wonderful personality and temperament. 

She and the other cats that we have on premise have been pretty vocal since I've been here, and most mornings I wake up to tigers and lions roaring, which is pretty fantastic I must say. And, without further ado ... here's Tati!

(You can visit Tati yourself at Wild Valley Animal Park! Coming soon ... personal tours of the park. For more info visit:

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