Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's almost Christmas day ... well, in my world at least.

It's almost Christmas day ... well, in my world at least.

Saturday is the official start of College Football.

Yes, I realize, there are games on tonight, but the true "opening day" is Saturday. And in my world, it might as well be Christmas day!!

I'm so excited. College Football opening day for me entails getting up bright and early, turning on ESPN Game Day, and planting myself on the couch for a fun-filled day of football game watching!!

And though I am a tormented Notre Dame fan ... I am still cautiously optimistic about our season. It certainly won't be as bad as the 3-9 year we had a few years back. It may not be a 12-0 year, but hopefully it will at the very least be a 9-3 year! I'll take that over 3-9 ANY DAY!

My dark horse ... jump-on-the-bandwagon team for this year is ... Ole Miss. If you want to read a little bit more about them, check this article out. This kid Snead may end up leading the nation in passing at the end of the year, and if he does, the Rebels are my "dark horse" team for this season to get to the BCS Championship!

:: Ole Miss' Snead emerging as top quarterback ::

Okay boys and girls ... enjoy opening College Football weekend ... and hopefully my present will be waiting for me under my Christmas tree (a Notre Dame win on opening Saturday)!!


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