Friday, December 18, 2009

Social Media - Is it worth your time?

In the new age of marketing your company, peddling your goods, or whatever you are trying to do … this tool called Social Media is what’s hot in how to get yourself in front of your customer. But is it worth the time and dedication that you need to put into it, to really make it work? After seeing time-and-time-again how many businesses are successfully marketing themselves through the various outlets of Social Media, I think the answer to this is a resounding yes. I think it is something business owners can no longer ignore.

At an IABC-St. Louis Professional Development event this week, we heard from the co-founder of Schlafly’s micro-brewery in St. Louis. He explained to us what a tremendous response they have seen as a result of their Twitter and Facebook efforts. A type of response that they could not have achieved through traditional forms of advertising and marketing. They are able to reach the customers who want to know more about their product, and they are able to give them one-on-one attention that they just simply could not do through the radio and newspaper advertisements that they were accustomed to using.

As great and powerful a tool as Social Media is, make sure if you are going to get into Social Media, you have the time to do it right. Please, do not just set up a Twitter and a Facebook page and then let them sit. This will do nothing but anger your customers, and then you have totally defeated what you set out to do, which is to give your customers more attention, not less! Talk to your customers, engage, join the conversation. If you do Social Media right, you will be amazed at the returns you will get!

But Social Media is not just a great tool for businesses. It is also a tremendous networking tool. (And I’m not just talking about networking on LinkedIn.) I discovered, during my time of unemployment, that the contacts I met on Twitter ended up being a very productive resource for me in finding a job. Ultimately, I had several job opportunities from people I met on Twitter, that I would not have ever had, had I not been so active in Social Media.

So before you shun Social Media as just being a flash-in-the-pan trend, give it a test drive and see what it can do for you!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know ... I've been missing-in-action for a while ... but here I am!

Today's topic: change.
Change comes in may shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it's as small as a change in the weather ... or somewhat bigger as a change in the season ... or even bigger yet as a change in a job ... but change is part of our daily lives.

We can react to change in one of two ways. Fight it tooth-and-nail, and try to prevent the inevitable. Or embrace it and enjoy what's ahead.

Well, I've had a lot of change in my life. From the little change of the season (and I love fall by the way) ... to the change in my hair color (bye bye blonde ... hello red!) ... to the change in my career path. And instead of pulling the covers over my head and hoping it would all go back to the way it was, I am ready to embrace it, enjoy the ride, and see where the adventure takes me!

So what changes should you be embracing?


Saturday, September 26, 2009

College and Life

I love the fall. I love the fall for so many reasons. Because the weather gets crisp and cool, and the leaves turn gorgeous colors. Because it's back-to-school time ... time to buy that "back-to-school" outfit and a new pair of shoes. Oh yes, and of course, because of football.

And all of this takes me back to college.

I recently made a trip back to my Alma mater for a weekend of friends, family, football, and fun ... which lead me to reminisce about my college days.

College. What a wondrous time in my life. Four fabulous, life changing years.

Now I can look back, and truly say, that my years in college made me who I am today. Not just the book learning I did, but the friends I made in college. The experiences I had. The adversity I faced. The faith that I found, developed, nurtured and strengthened. All of these things made me the woman I am today. And I feel so blessed for the opportunities I've had, the successes that I've had so far, and God willing, the bright future that I have in front of me.

Life is a blessing, and a gift ... enjoy every moment!

Notre Dame our Mother ... pray for us.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roll Reversal

You spend all of your life learning, and growing, and trying to achieve bigger and better things.

You go to school and learn reading, and writing and arithmetic. Then you pick a specialty and go to college to further yourself in order to reach your goals. You meet someone, get married, and then have goals, together, that you are trying to reach.

And then you start a family.

Suddenly your goals change. You shift from spending 100% of your time on growing your own self, or your partnership ... and place a large percentage of your time into growing your children.

You begin with filling their basic needs: food, clothing, shelter. Then you teach them how to walk, and how to talk. You teach them their ABC's, how to count to ten, how to tie their shoes, and you send them off to Kindergarten to have a teacher continue what you have started.

You watch them progress through grade school, and on to middle school and high school, as they grow into young adults full of their own hopes, and dreams and goals. And one day, you look at your child and realize that all of the sudden ... they are smarter than you are! And though you are deliriously happy with your handy work, you realize that the rolls have been reversed. And though you can still teach them things, now they can teach you things as well.

I was once told that parenting is the hardest job on earth, with which I whole heartily agree - but I also believe that it is the most rewarding job on earth as well.

So all you parents out there ... keep on, keeping on ... there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.

(And no, my kids are not in college, or even high school yet; but already I see an amazing, beautiful light at the end of childhood tunnel!)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's almost Christmas day ... well, in my world at least.

It's almost Christmas day ... well, in my world at least.

Saturday is the official start of College Football.

Yes, I realize, there are games on tonight, but the true "opening day" is Saturday. And in my world, it might as well be Christmas day!!

I'm so excited. College Football opening day for me entails getting up bright and early, turning on ESPN Game Day, and planting myself on the couch for a fun-filled day of football game watching!!

And though I am a tormented Notre Dame fan ... I am still cautiously optimistic about our season. It certainly won't be as bad as the 3-9 year we had a few years back. It may not be a 12-0 year, but hopefully it will at the very least be a 9-3 year! I'll take that over 3-9 ANY DAY!

My dark horse ... jump-on-the-bandwagon team for this year is ... Ole Miss. If you want to read a little bit more about them, check this article out. This kid Snead may end up leading the nation in passing at the end of the year, and if he does, the Rebels are my "dark horse" team for this season to get to the BCS Championship!

:: Ole Miss' Snead emerging as top quarterback ::

Okay boys and girls ... enjoy opening College Football weekend ... and hopefully my present will be waiting for me under my Christmas tree (a Notre Dame win on opening Saturday)!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthdays ...

A quiet, Sunday morning reflection on Birthdays ...

We all have them, once a year. But it's funny how everyone approaches them differently.

Some people embrace their birthday, and celebrate it to the fullest.

Some people dread it, as another year has past. Another year where they have not accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. Another year closer to meeting our maker. Another year lost.

But, personally, I think every birthday reached should be considered a blessing, and should be celebrated!

Another year under our belt. Anther year wiser. Another year of lessons learned. Another year spent with loved ones ... and another year ahead to spend with them (God willing!). Another year in front of us filled with adventures, and memories to be made. Another year of great potentional.

So grab life and take it by the horns ... and seize every moment!

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip." ~Author Unknown


Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Funnies ...

Something lighthearted for a Friday!

I stumbled across these the other day, and thought I'd share.

Signs from the Brits and Canadians! :)

  • Keep back from the platform edge ... or you may get sucked off.

  • Please be safe. Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on zoo fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you.

  • Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean. Gentlemen: Your aim will help. Stand closer. It's shorter than you think. Ladies: Please remain seated for the entire performance.

  • Caution. This machine has no brain. Use your own.

  • Notice to NiteLink Passengers. Ladies: the poles are fitted for your safety. No dancing.

  • PEOPLE: Dogs Must Be On A Leash At All Times. Please Clean-Up After Your Dog. DOGS: Grrrrr, Bark, Bark, Woof, Grrrrrr, Bark. (Good dog.)

  • PLEASE, Don't throw your cigarette ends on the floor. The cockroaches are getting cancer.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being Prompt ... and Giving Thanks

Yes, here I am, and I'm on my soap box today!

There are two things that totally drive me nuts. (What, only two you say? haha)

1.) When people are late.

2.) When people don't say thank you.

First things first, promptness.

When you go to the doctor and your appointment is at 3 p.m., you expect to be seen by the doctor at 3 p.m., or say within 15 minutes of 3 p.m. I understand that the doctor prides himself on spending quality time with each patient, and giving the best medical care, but if my appointment is at 3 p.m., and I am not even taken back to a ROOM until 4 p.m., I am not a happy camper.

Promptness not only works with doctor appointments, but for just about anything. Say RSVP-ing for an event. If you get a party invitation, and it says to RSVP by a certain date, please RSVP by that date. The party or event planner does not want to chase you down to find out whether or not you are coming. You are a grown adult. RSVP. It's not as if you are a 13 year old boy who has yet to learn the importance of responding to an invitation. You are an adult, who most certainly has been a party or event planner at some point in your life, and can relate to having to track people down so that you know how much food and supplies to purchase. Please ... work with me here people!

Okay, moving on to thank you.

If you ask someone to help you out with something, please, PLEASE thank them for the time and effort that they have put forth to help you! It is not as though they are sitting around WAITING for you to ask them to do something for you. Believe it or not, they actually have a busy life as well! Yes, they are helping you out because they WANT to help you out, but saying thank you is the polite response for the help you've been given. And when you do say thank you to them, they will be much more willing to help you out in the future ... than if you don't say thank you. Trust me ... you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Oh, and by the way ... THANK YOU for reading my blog!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls ... and Football

So I am one of those weird girls who loves watching football.

I don't know if it's because my Dad had all girls and had no one else to watch football with ... and so therefore he watched it with us?

Maybe it's because I am such a competitive person, and I thrive off the thrill of victory (and the agony of defeat)?

Maybe it's because I love hanging with the guys, and love being "that girl" who can actually hold an intelligent conversation about football, during a football game, and can "draft" a Fantasy Football team with the best of them?
(AND finish in second place two years in a row)

Maybe it's because I went to Notre Dame during their football hey day, and had such a great experience watching winning games?
(wait, what's that? haha)

Or maybe it's because I truly love football ... but whatever the case, I am a bonafide football fanatic.

So here's the point of all this: I love my "girl" friends (wait ... my friends who are girls), but dang it, life is so much easier when you are watching football!

There's no ... read my mind and try and figure out what I really want.
There's no ... my feelings are hurt BECAUSE you didn't read my mind and figure out what I really want.
There's just beer ... football ... and belching ... 100% uncomplicated.

Now I'm not going to ditch my girl friends any time soon ... but I will tell you that I am VERY relieved that football season is just around the corner ... and let me tell you, my Fantasy Football team is DANG good this year!



Monday, August 10, 2009


Ah yes, a topic we can all relate to, Mothers.

I don't know, maybe this is a girl thing ... but how is that even as a thirty-something woman, I am still trapped under the power of my Mother?

How is it that, even though I am a grown woman with children of my own, that as soon as my Mother so much as raises her voice at me, I feel like I am 17 again? (Bleh. And who wants to be 17 again? haha)

You would think that by this stage in my life, I would have enough confidence, or self-respect, or something that would allow me to stand up to her ... but I just can't. I'm just frozen in time.

And it does not seem matter whether she is right or wrong in her accusations, I just stand there, shrink to about 3 inches tall, and take her criticism.

It's crazy. I am an adult. With my own views, and values and yet I simply cannot stand up for myself.

All I can do right now, is hope that I do not treat my children this way when they are adults.

Note to self ... grown children have thoughts and feelings too!

Okay ... off to hug my children and kiss them goodnight!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music and Life

I don't know if you're anything like me, but I associate things in my life with music. It may seem funny, or odd, or even peculiar ... but I seem to match a particular song with an event that happened in my life, no matter how big or small.

I can hear a song on the radio, and it takes me right back to that moment ... something that happened in college, or a date that my husband and I went on, or a funny thing that the kids said ... all marked by a unique song.

So I just heard a song, that brought me back to a milestone-moment in my development as a young adult, and I thought ... what a difference music has made in my life ... and how very different life would be without it.

So I'll go back to humming my tune, with a big smile on my face, and special memory on my mind!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My dear friend Jillian ... is trying to kill me!

Yes, you read that right, she is trying to kill me.

It all started out when the panic in my head became real.

The panic that, my high school reunion is later this year, and I am not quite ready to present myself to the people I went to high school with. And no, I'm not telling you how many years I've been out of high school!

Did I mention that I went to High School in California, the land of the beautiful people? Yes, the BPs. So I have retained the services of my dear friend Jillian, as my personal trainer.

I mistakenly thought, this is going to be fun! We get to spend some good quality time together, catch up on what's been going on in each other's lives, and at the same time she is going to help me tweak this body in to just the right shape for my reunion. And then it happened.

What I had envisioned as fun, turned into something that is absolutely torturous. What happened to my mild-mannered, fun-loving friend? She has turned into this crazy, three-headed drill sergeant that is going to kill me if she makes me do one more leg press. Ahhhh!

Okay, I think I'm going to crawl upstairs now, and try to lift my sore muscles into bed, and pray that my mild-mannered friend returns tomorrow ... and not her. (hehe)

Do I really care what people think? Right now, I think not!


Murphy's Law

Ahhh, my dear friend Murphy.

Continuing on in yesterday's "When it rains, it pours" theme, yes ... it's still raining.

Day three of the craziest week I've had yet this year, and my hair dryer decides not to work. Now if today was Saturday or Sunday ... I'd be all over rocking a ponytail and baseball cap. But seeing as today is a super, crazy, busy work day, not so much.

So out I head out to Walgreens at 7 o'clock this morning, all dressed for work and sporting the wet hair, to purchase a hair dryer so that I can gracefully attack this insane day. How's that for Murphy's Law?

This week has got to get better, right?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When it rains ... it pours!

How come it seems as though life is either all or nothing? It's not like you could have a busy week at work, and a quiet week at home ... or conversely, a quiet week at work, and a busy week at home. Oh no. Everything seems to come at you from all angles!

I love, love, love everything that I am involved in, but does it all have to happen on exactly the SAME week?

And then, of course, that is the week that one of your dear friends comes up to you and says, "Are you okay? You look like crap today."

Gee, thanks.

Doesn't anyone remember what Mother taught us ... "If you can't say anything nice, don't say ANYthing at all!" Clearly none of my friends have that filter button!

Oh, and did I mention, that on top of everything else, my lovely black lab left me a surprise on the kitchen floor when I got up this morning?

Yep, when it rains, it pours.

So clearly, my only option tonight is to climb in to bed, pull the covers over my head, and hope that tomorrow goes a tad bit more smoothly than today did! :)

(On the flip side, check out my favorite weekly column, "Suburban Fringe." It's quite funny this week!

Let the rain fall down ...

Another Day

Another day, and once again, I feel as though I have not gotten done nearly what I wanted to!

How can that be?

Blog # 1, in the can ... more insightful blogging to come ... I promise!