Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls ... and Football

So I am one of those weird girls who loves watching football.

I don't know if it's because my Dad had all girls and had no one else to watch football with ... and so therefore he watched it with us?

Maybe it's because I am such a competitive person, and I thrive off the thrill of victory (and the agony of defeat)?

Maybe it's because I love hanging with the guys, and love being "that girl" who can actually hold an intelligent conversation about football, during a football game, and can "draft" a Fantasy Football team with the best of them?
(AND finish in second place two years in a row)

Maybe it's because I went to Notre Dame during their football hey day, and had such a great experience watching winning games?
(wait, what's that? haha)

Or maybe it's because I truly love football ... but whatever the case, I am a bonafide football fanatic.

So here's the point of all this: I love my "girl" friends (wait ... my friends who are girls), but dang it, life is so much easier when you are watching football!

There's no ... read my mind and try and figure out what I really want.
There's no ... my feelings are hurt BECAUSE you didn't read my mind and figure out what I really want.
There's just beer ... football ... and belching ... 100% uncomplicated.

Now I'm not going to ditch my girl friends any time soon ... but I will tell you that I am VERY relieved that football season is just around the corner ... and let me tell you, my Fantasy Football team is DANG good this year!




  1. Oh yeah ... I am totally ready for some football! Loved the blog. My sisters are all huge baseball fans, but never could get them interested in football. I see you went to Notre Dame so I think it must be built into your DNA!

  2. I am so ready for football ... it is NOT even funny! haha

    GO IRISH! :)