Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 6 Football Preview

Due to a scheduling conflict I was unable to go on Wes & JR's radio show tonight, so I thought I'd go ahead and share a few nuggets with you regarding this week's college football games!

Lets start with LSU and Florida. LSU is very lucky to be facing a shaken up Florida team this week in Baton Rouge. This post-Alabama battered UF team is no match for LSU this week, and LSU should win easily by two or three touchdowns. One can only hope that both of these teams continue winning, leading up to an undefeated match up between Alabama and LSU on November 5th.

Southern Mississippi vs. Navy. Navy is only a 2.5 point favorite in this game, but watch for Navy to come out big this week. They narrowly lost to Air Force last week, in a game which they should have won had their kicker not missed a field goal in the first half, and their wish-bone offense should have no problem overpowering Southern Mississippi's defense. Southern Miss is playing in a very overrated conference this year. Look for Navy to come in to Southern Mississippi's home turf on Saturday and win big. Navy 31 - Southern Miss 21

Oklahoma vs. Texas. The Red River Shoutout is a long standing rivalry between these two teams, and brings with it much tradition. This match up is played in neutral Dallas, at the Cotton Bowl, and ticket sales are split 50-50 between the two schools. The Red River serves as a physical boundary between the states of Texas and Oklahoma and was once the demarcation for the US-Mexico border until the Texas Annexation—the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. There won’t be a treaty signed this Saturday during this most heated rivalry game until the clock strikes zero, if then. The winning university takes home the Golden Hat—a 10 gallon gold-plated Stetson.

It would seem as though both of these teams are very much in contention for a National Championship bid, but I believe that Texas is a bit overrated at #11, and will be be no match for Oklahoma's high powered offense. Look for Oklahoma to win this game by at least 9 points. Boomer Sooner!

Georgia vs. Tennessee. Georgia travels to Tennessee on Saturday evening for their annual border war rivalry game. In classic SEC style, this will be a very physical game, and there is no love lost between these two teams. Both of these teams have defended their home turf for the past two years, but I predict that Georgia will come in to Knoxville on Saturday and overturn this trend. Georgia has won three games in a row now and is looking for number four. Georgia's offense has been averaging 35 points a game, and though I don't predict this to be a blowout game for Georgia, I do see them upsetting Tennessee in Knoxville in a close game.

Notre Dame vs. Air Force. In my Notre Dame Football Preview, I predicted that our second loss of the season would be to Air Force (with our first loss being to Michigan State), and clearly that hasn't gone quite as I had predicted. So I am now changing my mind (as we women often do) and predicting a Notre Dame win over Air Force this weekend. I realize that this week's match up against Air Force brings Notre Dame the unenviable task of containing the triple-option offense, but I think our excellent rush defense is playing very well as a cohesive unit, and will be able to overlook Air Force's gimmicky offense and stay in character. I also think that our offense has steadily improved from week to week, and this week should be no different. Look for Notre Dame to win by 10 points.

And, last but not least ... my upset pick of the week ... Ohio State vs. Nebraska. Both teams are coming off upsets last week ... Nebraska losing at the hands of a brutal Wisconsin team, and Ohio State losing a close one to Michigan State ... but I think that Ohio State will come out on top at Nebraska, and upset the Cornhuskers at home. If Pelini cannot find a way to rally his troops to improve their game, the talented Buckeyes (even minus Wide Receiver Verlon Reed) may just come into Lincoln and steal the win.

Okay ... that's it for this week. Oh, and how about them Clemson Tigers?!


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