Friday, February 15, 2013

Chicago Volvo Road Trip: Take Two

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the 2013 Chicago Auto Show and take part in Volvo's display of its stunning new concept car, the S60 Polestar.

This weekend, I get to make another road trip to the fair city of Chicago in my Volvo S60 to cover the Notre Dame - Miami (OH.) hockey game at Soldier Field (with City 360TV), part of the Hockey City Classic.

It is a good thing that my Volvo S60 has such comfortable seats, otherwise all of this driving would be very exhausting and stressful to say the least!

Lucky for me, Volvo designs its cars with their passengers in mind. Their seats are ergonomically designed by surgeons so not only are they comfortable, they are also good for your back. "Seats should cradle people, and people have bad backs, so we used orthopedic surgeons to help design the seats." (Quote from VolvoBlogs.) They are definitely the "most comfortable seats ever!"

Time to once again hit the open road in my Volvo S60 ...
Here are a few of my other favorite features of my Volvo S60's seats.

- The seats are designed to help reduce driver fatigue, which is a good thing when you spend as much time in your car as I do. The last thing I want is a seat that lulls me to sleep. And let's face it, a tired driver is dangerous!

- The front passenger seat in the Volvo S60 (as well as the back seats) folds flat. This is great feature when you have to transport large items in the car (or long items such as hockey sticks). Look at how much space this feature allows inside the Volvo S60:

- Did you know that Volvo adds perforations to their seats? This addition makes them more comfortable in hot climates, which is fantastic when you live in the arm pit of the Midwest, I mean Missouri.

- Finally, did you know that Volvo uses safer interior materials? Their interior upholsteries and textiles are tested for allergy-inducing or harmful substances and their interior metal details are tested for contact-allergies. This is not only great for me, but for my passenger as well!

Well, shortly I will be on the road again and on my way to Chicago to cover two of my favorite things ... Notre Dame and hockey! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful car that makes my travels so painless ... and fun, too!

Stay tuned from more of my trip to Chicago to watch hockey at Soldier Field!

Cheers & GO IRISH!

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