Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Need To Do Better

It breaks my heart to see two schools that I love failing in how we take care of not only our student-athletes, but our students as well. If you have not seen this story please take 16 minutes and watch it.

College Athletes and Mental Health: Sasha's Story

(Click on link to view video.)

We need to do a better job as parents, teachers, coaches and school administrators at recognizing mental health issues as an illness that needs medical attention. It is not something to be taken lightly which can be seen from the tragic end to this story, as well as the tragic end of Lizzy Seeberg's story.

We also need to do a better job at educating our young people how to keep themselves safe with regards to rape situations. Not only that, but we need to make sure that they understand that if such a thing happens that a.) it is not their fault, and b.) that it is safe for them to come forward and fight for their rights. So many young women never come forward. Is that because their attackers threaten their safety? Is it because they are ashamed and embarrassed. We need to do a better job at empowering young women today or these trends will never change.

I'd like to think that tragedies such as these can be prevented in the future. What if Lizzy's case had been promptly seen to by University and legal officials ... would she still be here today? What if Sasha would retained her scholarship and been able to focus on her school and her future instead of losing everything as a result of her illness ... would she still be here today? We are failing our youth ... we are failing our future. We need to do better.

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