Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weight on Your Back

Some times, or should I say some days, I think I have bit off more than I can chew in my life. But when I look to find something to cut out, I just can't seem to find anything to cut out. I firmly believe that God does not give you any more than you can handle, but some days I think he's pushing me to the edge. And then you have that "ah ha" moment.

Mine was on Sunday. I was with my family celebrating the Easter holiday, when I saw they were passing around a letter from my cousin Jake who is in the Marines. Here is this 18 year old young man, writing home to describe the trials and tribulations that he is going through at "boot camp," and I'm complaining about my life? He's talking about the "hell week" that he's getting ready to embark upon (the last week of boot camp), where they have to hike 14 miles with a 100 pound pack strapped to their back ... and I'm complaining that I have more than I can handle??

Seriously, that made me take a huge step back.

This 18 year old young man has had the clarity of mind and heart, to commit to serving and protecting his country, yours and my country, with no selfishness at all. Giving his all to make sure that you and I have the "opportunity" to complain about all that is on our plates. Well, I feel quite humbled today.

God Bless the USA.

God Bless all of our service men and women, who often sacrifice more than just their time and talents, so that we can enjoy the luxuries of our lives.

And God Bless my cousin Jake. God speed in your journey, and hurry home!



  1. I agree so much. The commitment that our service men and women are making, especially now that they are actively engaged in battles, is so far beyond what the vast majority of us will ever face. Definitely gives pause for our complaints and whining.

  2. Yes, it most definitely gives us pause!