Monday, August 29, 2011

Under the Lights

We are t-minus five days from the kickoff of Notre Dame Football, and without further ado, let Football Week 2011 begin!!

In the immortal words of my friend Kevin ...

"Half my life ago I attended a very memorable Notre Dame game. It was September 15, 1990 ... the last NIGHT game to be played in The House That Rockne Built, and Rick Mirer's first start. We won against Michigan 28-24."

Under the lights is significant to Notre Dame this year for two reasons. The first of which is, we play Michigan under the lights, AT The Big House this year. On September 10, 2011, Notre Dame and Michigan will meet in the Big House for their first prime time meeting since the previously mentioned September 15, 1990 game. Wait, did I also mention it's the first night game in the Big House in it's 85-year history? First. Night. Game. Ever.

This game looks to be a big win for the Irish coming off a season opener win against the South Florida Bulls, and no, I'm not overlooking the Bulls in week one either. I think the Irish are more than focused enough to take care of South Florida in week one, and not be already looking ahead to Michigan. The Irish have not lost three straight games to the Wolverines since their streak in 1898-1899-1900 ... yes, over 100 years ago! If the Irish lose to the Wolverines this year, it would be the first three game streak (win or loss) in the series since the Irish won four in a row in the late 80's. So keep this game on your radar for sure. Big game, big rivalry, under the lights, big Irish win.

The second reason why under the lights is significant this year for the Irish is because the first night game AT Notre Dame stadium since the 1990 Michigan-Notre Dame meeting is also occurring this year. The University of Spoiled Children ... I mean USC, are coming to South Bend on Saturday, October 22, to face the Irish in the first night game in more than 20 years. Coming fresh off a buy week, the anticipation of a long awaited night game will bring a fired up Irish squad to the field, to continue the winning streak they started at the Coliseum last year.

In case missed my 2011 Notre Dame Football preview, you can catch my August 5th preview here!

Okay, and that kicks off Football Week 2011.



  1. Univ of Spoiled Children hmmm, Glad I did not go there... My kids will, 4Sure. ** Nice quick entertaining read **

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  3. Stefan said...
    The USC game will be huge. We better dominate them. Over 20 recruits on campus. You got lottery tickets for the game?

    But as you know, in the early Nineties, USC was basically a non-factor. We spanked them as we pleased. Back then they were not even worth a single breath. At least for me. :-)
    I know the current generation of ND students and young alums are thinking otherwise (as probably their butt is red from a decade of spanking.)

    However Meechigan, i did not like these folks back then and i don't like them today. A day of celebration when this series ends.