Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh What A Night

In honor of my impending trip to Notre Dame this weekend (boy, does that sound ominous or what?!), this week's edition of Retro Friday will feature my three favorite "Backer Tunes."

The 'Backer ... otherwise known as The Linebacker Lounge, was one of our favorite haunts back in college, and still is a favorite of college students and alumni alike. If you are making a trip to campus this year, this is a must see, but be forewarned. Be sure to pack your "Backer shoes" ... something old and black that won't be phased by the black sludge on the floor of this whole-in-the-wall, shoe box bar. But trust me, it's worth every jam-packed minute.

The other charm of the 'Backer is the music. An eclectic D.J. will mix an awesome blend of current music, country, and 70's favorites. A night at the 'Backer would not be complete without the following three songs.

Sweet Caroline ... da, da, da

Brandy, you're a fine girl ... what a good wife you would be.

And the last song of the (every) night ... Oh What a Night!

Hey ... save me a Long Island at the 'Backer, will ya?!


1 comment:

  1. I'm sure The Backer was a lot wilder last night. I know my house was! And today seemed a lot crisper!