Friday, October 25, 2013

Solutions for Busy Moms

Smartphone Car Holder for Busy Moms on the Go!

Cars these days seem to have a spot for you to place everything … your soda, spare coins, sunglasses … well, except for your smartphone. There is never a convenient place to put your phone where it is safe, secure and easy to reach when you need it. It always ends up sliding all over the car or is buried in your purse where you can’t reach it. And trust me, (you all know) I love my car, but there is no good place in my car for me to set my phone.

And then I found the MobiValet iPhone car mount.

This is the best smartphone car mount I’ve ever seen. It is easy to mount in your car and makes your smartphone easily accessible and safe to reach. And no, you shouldn’t be talking on your phone when you’re driving, but let’s face it … sometimes it cannot be avoided.

Check out how easy it is to install!

After selecting a spot on your console, use provided alcohol swab to clean off any dust or "shiny stuff" you use to make your console look good. (Allow 1 minute to dry.)

Step One
Peel off adhesive backing.

Step Two
Attach pressing "firmly" against console.

Step Three
In addition to being easy to install, the adhesive won’t damage your car either. If you need to remove the adhesive, it will not leave any "residue" on your console. MobiValet uses a specially designed acrylic adhesive that has a specific application for use in automobiles. There is no residue left behind upon removal of the adhesive.

Its attractive style is a bonus, too. I don’t want some cheap plastic looking thing in my car. I’m not just a Mom on-the-go, but a business woman as well. I need to keep my car looking nice for those last minute business lunches. The MobiValet is very sharp looking and it keeps my phone within reach at all times. 

Another unique design feature of the MobiValet is the ability to charge your phone while it is safely in the MobiValet car mount. In designing the MobiValet they lowered both side walls so that the majority of smartphones can be inserted into the holder WITHOUT having to first unplug the AC power charger! This is perfect for me as I’m always charging my smartphone, especially when I’m in the car!

Okay, so don’t just take my word for it, check out the MobiValet smartphone mount for yourself! You’re going to love it … I promise!


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