Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Do you believe in luck? Or in karma? Do you believe that some people are just more lucky than others? I mean, there are some people that, no matter what they do or touch, they are just plain lucky. And then there are some people who, even though they work just as hard, or maybe even harder than the “lucky” people, who just never can seem to catch a break.

I have friends/acquaintances who fall into both of these categories. I have a few friends who just plain and simple, live the charmed life. They get the once-in-a-lifetime jobs … MORE than once in a lifetime. They run into famous people. Land that big client that no one dreamed they could have landed. Meet prince charming and live happily ever after. Somehow meet the right people that open doors for them that could never have been opened otherwise.

And then I have a few friends who, no matter what they do, just can’t catch a break. Who meet/date one loser guy (or gal) after another. Who hold one terrible job after another … or can’t even find a job. Who lose loved ones. Who endure one tragedy after another. Who are never, ever in the right place at the right time. Who just can’t find even a little bit of peace or happiness in their life.

How is it that we land in our respective categories? Are we being rewarded, or punished, for a previous life? Or is this just what our particular destiny is? Do you think a person can change their destiny, or path in life?

Fortunately … most of us fall somewhere in between.

Just the musings of an Irish Girl …


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