Monday, July 26, 2010

Take It To the Limit

10 Things that I have learned from my kids (so far) this summer...

I love my kids. I love the fact that no matter how smart I think I am, they always seem to stretch me and push me to my limits. They teach me things I never thought I would learn from my kids. So here they are ... the 10 things that I have learned from my kids (so far) this summer! In no particular order:

10. Sometimes you can draw more joy out of hard work (and giving back) than out of play.
9. A simple ball pit or kid-sized "hamster wheel" is often times more fun that an elaborate entertainment center.
8. Always know who can take a joke … and who can't.
7. Heartfelt (and handmade) gifts are much better than expensive ones.
6. There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice cool pool and friends.
5. Working together as a team will get you much farther than trying to compete against your friends.
4. Summer thunder storms are awesome.
3. Enjoying an ice cream at the ball park is the perfect way to spend a summer evening.
2. Free things/activities are often MORE fun than expensive ones.
1. Sparklers on the 4th of July are often more fun than the actual fireworks!

Hope you're having a fantastic summer!

1 comment:

  1. Mine is spending a month at grandma's house and I have learned a few things myself:
    how much easier the house is to clean when she's gone

    that I don't have to hide chocolate when she's gone

    that I don't "need" to drink Jack Daniels

    That even though I dig the alone time, I really do miss her