Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Lunchtime Rant

Stanford 37 - ND 14

We all went into this season with high hopes in regards to Brian Kelly … and trust me, I still think he is the right guy to lead the Irish onward to victory … but I have a few things I'd like to get off my chest today.

Here are my (brief) thoughts after watching four games.

Notre Dame handled Purdue nicely … but is that because Purdue isn’t that good? Or because no one had seen Brian Kelly’s offense yet? They are 2-2 right now ... but have they really played anyone of substance? I guess the verdict is still out on Purdue. 1-0

Michigan came in, with a rookie, Freshman QB and ran all over us … but we still were able to hang in there … EVEN with Crist going down and Montana playing for almost the entire first half. But our second win evaded us. 1-1

But by the time Michigan State came in, they had two games worth of tape to watch on Notre Dame, and clearly they were ready for us … but again, we were able to hang in there … and lost to Michigan State on a trick play that in my mind we SHOULD HAVE SEEN COMING. Yet another loss. 1-2

Now onward to Stanford. Lets face it, and I said this numerous times before the game, we were totally outmatched against Stanford. Which is apparent in how Stanford completely stopped our offense from being the slightest bit productive. Yes, another loss. 1-3

And lets look at our offense a bit closer after the Stanford game. Is our offense capable of running anything besides the spread offense, with our quarterback set up back in the shotgun?

When you are 3rd and 1, why in the world would you put your quarterback in the shotgun? By doing that you have totally ruled out a quarterback sneak, and the defense has one less thing to worry about. Why? Why would you do that?

Our offense is so one-dimensional it’s not even funny.

And if you look at Notre Dame even a bit closer, we look like every other team in the Big East … all offense. No defense. High scoring games (when they are not outmatched) in which you pray that your score is higher than your opponent's score.

Is this what we signed up for with Brian Kelly. No defense? Vanilla offense?

Trust me, I have not written Brian Kelly off yet … and won’t until he has a few years to get HIS players in there. But unless he wants mutiny on the bounty … he had better do something with that offense other than what he’s done so far.

And that is my rant for a Monday!


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  1. Today i am in my Latin mood:

    Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.
    (Cicero, Philippica 12, 2)

    See the last section from my comment on the MSU blog. I still don't think our first 3 opponents are that "good", but after 2 games i knew Stanford was good. So i expected this result. Unfortunately i could not keep my fingers from Kool-Aid, i should have known better. I have learned my lesson.
    Mea culpa. Cinis in caput mum.

    Ira furor brevis est
    (Horaz, Epistula II ad Lollium Maximum, 62)

    The Stanford trainwreck:
    After 8 minutes into the game, all the sudden the Kool-Aid haze cleared and i knew what was coming. If i had the chance, i would have done other things. But i did not had the chance, so i actually enjoyed the Stanford gameplan. Perfectly executed, the team was motivated, played with ferocity and wanted to win. They outplayed and out-coached us. So when the game ended, i wasn't angry or frustrated, i was relieved.
    Yeah, don't tell me, Stanford has superior talent.

    Scio me nihil scire.

    Things i read in the ND Interweb:

    These comparisons to Lou's first season. In 1986 we lost to Top10 teams and not a bunch of lunatics.
    Try 2009.

    Everyone is talking about, that we are only a tiny fraction away from being 3-1.
    Everything was sooooooo close. Again, as Bender (Futurama) would say: "Kiss my shiny metal a.."
    See point a.), try to compare to last season.
    Good teams know how to win close games. Example? Look at Oklahoma in 2010.

    Really? Too much emphasis on the Passing game? The same people complaining about that, complained 18 years ago, how lame Lou's option offense was and that we needed a more modern offense. My take, back then and today? I don't care if we pass 70 times or run 60 times or just kick 13 Field Goals, to win a game.
    Actually i am on the same page as Coach Diaco: In the end have 1 more point as your opponent. (see point c.))
    If you have established a Top10 program, then maybe you can think about winning in "Style".

    Notre Dame, Quo Vadis?
    (Peter 2,21-25)

    Gone is my pre-season prediction of 8-4.
    We now know: The much invoked 5 minute plan is dead. The question is, will it be a 5 month or a 5 year plan.
    There was not real improvement from Game 1 to Game 4. Same sloppy errors. If this isn't going to be stopped, it will to be a long painful season.
    Maybe it takes a win to enlighten the fire and we are on track for the 5 month plan. But i do not see this on the horizon at the moment.
    However it would be nice against BC (because i have a personal vendetta with Chestnut Hill).

    I think Coach Kelly will turn this program around, i just don't know how long it will take.
    And i also believe, he is our last chance. Because if for some reason he does not succeed, Football at Notre Dame has settled in for mediocrity.