Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Kool-aid Here

Here I am, in all my goth finery (it is October after all!) to present to you my doomsday predictions. I had high hopes for Notre Dame at the beginning of the season. Maybe not the 10-2 that some of my friends were predicting (sorry JB!), but high hopes all the same. But now, midway through the season, my hopes are not so high. And unlike so many people who seem to be drinking the kool-aid, I am not.

So here they are ... my predictions for the rest of the season. I figured I might as well put them in writing, so that I have something concrete to look back on, and either praise or criticize, later!

October 16 vs. Western Michigan @ Notre Dame ... Win

October 23 @ Navy ... Loss

October 30 vs. Tulsa @ Notre Dame ... Win (though in reality, this could be a loss!)

November 13 vs. Utah @ Notre Dame ... Loss (that's not a shocker, is it?)

November 20 vs. Army @ Yankee Stadium ... Win (though Army probably won't be a pushover either!)

November 27 @ USC ... Loss (after their tremendous performance against Stanford, and our lackluster 4th quarter performance versus Pitt, I see NO WAY we go into USC's house and beat them. No way.)

So that brings us to a 6-6 season. Really ... did we honestly expect more than that? It's Brian Kelly's first year at Notre Dame. He's not working with his players yet. It is a rebuilding year, right? So we should not be happy with 6-6 ... but we should not be surprised either!

So there they are ... in writing for all to see! What say you?



  1. No Kool-Aid here too.

    But not so fast my friend:
    My preseason prediction was 8-4, with losses against: MSU,Stanford,Utah and USC. So far we are still on track.

    Here we go:
    Western Michigan
    Win. No further comment.

    Win. What did Navy do, to impress you? The 13-7 win against Georgia Southern? We will be much better this year in stopping their run attack.

    Win. No further comment.

    Actually i say: Too close to call at the moment.
    They have not impressed me. I think they are currently overrated. They barely pulled of an OT victory against Pitt. Before coming to South Bend, they play Air Force and TCU. Let us see what they are made of after the TCU game. Really their wins against the bottom of FBS football did not scare me at all.

    Win. No further comment.

    Normally i would say: Loss
    But: They have a tough schedule ahead: Cal, Oregon, Arizona, Oregon State. And their Defense is a mess. Lets see where they are after the Arizona game.

    I dont say the wins will be dominant, but again a win is a win, even with 1 point difference. And there will be close wins before the season ends.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful response to my post ... and I sincerely hope that you are right, and that I am wrong!


  3. Did you get all of them wrong? USC was a win, Utah was a win --- Ye of little faith!!!!!!

    Go BUCKEYES - and to a lesser extent.... go irish