Friday, May 27, 2011

Dancing With Myself

Today's edition of Retro Friday features rockin' Billy Idol.

William Michael Albert Broad, better known by his stage name Billy Idol, is an English rock musician. He first became famous in the punk rock era as a member of the band Generation X. Then he embarked on a successful solo career, which was aided by a series of stylish music videos, making him one of MTV's first stars. Idol continues to tour with guitarist Steve Stevens and has a fan base that stretches the globe.

Idol was born in Stanmore, Middlesex. The name Billy Idol was inspired by a schoolteacher's description of Billy as "idle".

Idol's solo career began with the record titled Don't Stop, which included the Generation X song "Dancing with Myself", and a cover of Tommy James & The Shondells' song "Mony Mony". Both songs became his first singles and remain part of his classic live setlists as recently as 2010. In 1982, Idol became an MTV staple with "White Wedding" and "Dancing with Myself". (Two of my all time favorite Billy Idol songs.)

I have two Billy Idol stories. The first of which I mentioned earlier this week in my Bon Jovi post, but I think it bears repeating. When I was a Senior in High School, my girl friends and I went to see our first BIG rock concert ... Bon Jovi. We were SO excited about finally making it to a big concert. And when we got to our seats, who else did we see at the Bon Jovi concert?? None other than Billy Idol!! I'm not sure what was more memorable about that night. Seeing Bon Jovi IN concert ... or seeing Billy Idol AT the concert!

My Freshman year at Notre Dame there were four of us who became pretty tight. My roommate from Kansas and myself ... and two other girls who were also roommates ... one was from Pittsburgh, PA and one was from New Jersey. The two other girls, who we spent so much time with, had decorated their room with quotes from movies and songs, and one of our very favorite quotes that was hanging on their wall was from Billy Idol's song "Dancing with Myself" --

"So let's sink another drink
Cause it'll give me time to think
If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance
And I'll be dancing with myself"

If you look really closely behind us, on the wall ... you'll see the Billy Idol quote!! (Please disregard the big hair ... geesh!)

Okay ... have a rockin' Memorial Day weekend, and here is some Billy Idol for your listening pleasure ... Dancing with Myself!!



  1. Very nice, I really enjoy the retro splashes

  2. Sweet look at the chicks from the old KROQ days. Billy Idol is total retro