Monday, May 23, 2011

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Friday was an all around crazy day ... lunch with new friends, cars breaking down, fashion shows, karaoke ... and Retro Friday just didn't happen. So for your listening pleasure, here is a special edition of Music Monday!

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi in concert. The last time I saw Bon Jovi in concert I was a Senior in High School (and we'll conveniently leave the year off of that one), and though Jon has changed a bit, he was every bit as good as I remembered him to be! Although, I do have one small pet peeve about last night's concert. Apparently, for most of the shows on this tour Bon Jovi hit the stage late, and last night was no different. The concert was supposed to start at 7:30pm, and it was darn near 8:30pm before they hit the stage, and I'm sorry ... that is just not cool. Our time is just as valuable as Mr. Jon's is, and if you don't want to come out on time at 7:30pm, get a freaking opening act. I'm just saying.

But other than that minor snafoo, the concert was awesome, and I bought a t-shirt, as I'll probably never go see Bon Jovi ever again, but it sure was fun last night.

Before I give you some Bon Jovi for your listening pleasure, I'd like to share two of my (many) Bon Jovi memories with you. One of old, and one of new.

When we saw Bon Jovi the first time around, I was living in Los Angeles. And when you live in Los Angeles, it is not unusual to see famous persons at entertainment or sporting events ... or at restaurants for that matter. So here we are, 17 years old, at a Bon Jovi concert, SO very excited to see Jon Bon Jovi, and who do we see but none other than ... BILLY IDOL. Yep, you know you live in L.A. when you see Billy Idol at a Bon Jovi concert!

My story of new is as follows. I had the great pleasure of sitting with Blues Defenseman Ian Cole at a St. Patrick's Day Parade gala this spring. We were sharing stories of Notre Dame, and stories of hockey, when the conversation changed to music. I was telling Ian how my husband and I had tickets to see Bon Jovi in May, and he commented that he never really had gotten into Bon Jovi. To which I replied, "well, you're probably not in the right age bracket for Bon Jovi." I continued on, "I saw Bon Jovi in 19XX, which was what ... the year you were ...?" and he finishes, "born."

Dang, do I feel old!

Okay ... enough of my Bon Jovi mumblings ... here is a little Wanted, Dead or Alive for your listening pleasure.

When the videos I took last night are finished processing at YouTube, I'll link you to those as well!


P.S. Oh & I decked myself out in 80's garb for the concert, which made it all the more fun ... even if I did look more Madonna-like than Bon Jovi-like!

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  1. Sorry, but since the CW regime, Bon Jovi is a no-go. :-)