Monday, December 26, 2011

The Golden Dome Mobile

Here it is, Challenge Post #4 in the "Biggest Fan of the Big East" Contest! What's the directive we've been given? Create the Ultimate Notre Dame Volvo S60. How would you customize a Volvo S60 to show your school spirit?

Well, back in college days, my Notre Dame school spirit car may have looked a little something like this:

But customizing a Volvo S60 is a whole new ball game!

Maybe you think I would start with a classic Caspian Blue Metallic Volvo S60 ...

... but to truly be a pimped-out Notre Dame car, I'd have to ask the athletic department for some of that special golden flaked paint that they paint the football helmets with, cause what other color would you paint a Notre Dame spirit car ... besides Golden Dome GOLD!! (Oh, and not the "Maryland" 2011 game GOLD football helmets ... but the USC 2011 game GOLD football helmets. No velvet, please, no velvet!)

The wheels would also have GOLD plated rims, complete with the Fighting Leprechaun in the center.

Next, I would change the lovely Soft Beige interior leather to a Notre Dame Navy Blue leather to compliment the Golden Dome GOLD exterior.

Here is an example of the luxurious Volvo S60 leather interior ... just imagine this in Notre Dame BLUE!

Okay ... so now let's talk a little bit more about some of the other key features of the interior. Instead of the standard black leather shifter ... the Notre Dame spirit car would feature a Golden Dome GOLD shifter, with a BIG EAST basketball on the top! And unlike the blue in the dials below, my Notre Dame spirit Volvo S60 would have GREEN dials.

Now let's get to the good stuff. I would have them take the Volvo grill and have it vulcanized with gray rubber, to resemble a Notre Dame football helmet face mask. And I would have the windshield tinted to look like a Notre Dame football helmet visor.

Instead of a moon roof, the Notre Dame spirit car would be fitted with a DOME roof, and the exhaust pipes would plume white when a new coach is chosen! Oh, and my rosary hanging on the rear view mirror ...

And of course, what would a Notre Dame spirit car be without speakers on the OUTSIDE of the car playing Crazy Train ... to get everyone ready for the upcoming Notre Dame game du jour.

The Volvo logo on the front of my GOLD Volvo S60 would of course be wearing it's very own Golden football helmet, and the license plate would read LUV ND.

And don't forget the ever important Notre Dame alumni license plate frame.

The steering wheel would be fitted with a Notre Dame leather steering wheel cover, and would also have a laser cut shamrock in the middle of it.

To protect the interior upholstery of the car, don't forget the custom Notre Dame floor mats. You wouldn't want to get any of that snowy South Bend sludge on the interior of your Volvo S60!!

And of course no Notre Dame spirit car is complete without a few Notre Dame window decals on the back ... on a back window that is the shape of Our Lady's grotto.

I'd like to give some of my Notre Dame Twitter folks a shout out to thank them for truly giving me the inspiration for this post! THANKS guys & gals! @Dear__Chicago @cathyang50 @chawalte @ndrazee @PucktacularOne @Notre_Josh @oates03 @mrstruj @ND_Tog @36beachbabe @HLS-Biscuit

Okay, I guess I had better head on down the road in my Golden Notre Dame spirit Volvo S60! You'll hear me as I head on my way as the horn plans the Notre Dame Fight Song!

I hope you like my tricked out Notre Dame car. And hey, if you've yet to vote for me on my "Biggest Fan of the Big East" profile page, please swing by and vote!! Oh, and tell your friends to vote, too ... please!


By the way, if you have not been to the Volvo web site lately, definitely swing on over there. They have this feature where you can "build your own Volvo S60" which is super, SUPER cool! Cheers!


  1. Now, that is a car, I want to ride in. Ozzy is the perfect, season-all to a football game.

  2. Love it! Go Irish!

  3. Awesome! :) Go Irish!!!

  4. May I have this Volvo S60 now please? This is fabulous!

  5. An awesome car that any ND fan would dream of having. Go Irish!!

  6. Your ND car is almost too special to be driven out on the road. But if you must, treat this one of a kind ND Volvo with lots of TLC. SO how many limited editions are going to be made? I'd love to own one!!

  7. Wow, I thought I was obsessed with ND (ask my wife!) but this takes it to a new level! Notre Dame Our Mother!!

  8. Love it! Sounds like the perfect car! Go Irish! :)

  9. I love the car!!!

  10. There's got to be some more places where we can insert the ND logo! THe base of the cup holders?

  11. Sorry, but the "pimped" pip-squeak car doesn't qualify for Ozzy. In fact, it's sacrilegious on the Ozzy front. Pee Wee Herman qualifies to sit in that thing.

  12. Ouch ... sorry my "girlie" pip-squeak car is not Ozzy worthy. Knock yourself out and create your own! ;)


  13. Nothing to be sorry about. You are a cutie no matter what. ;) grrrr.