Monday, August 13, 2018

My New Neighbors

This year has brought a lot of changes to my family. We sent our baby to college last week, along with relocating the family from big city living in St. Louis, to small town living just outside of Branson. Did I mention that the little town we're settling in has a population of 408? Soon to be 410. What in the world have we done! 

I am blessed, though, that my employer has allowed me to work remotely from Branson part of the month, and from St. Louis part of the month. This is so great for me because it allows me to be with my husband more of the month, but yet still allows me to be back in St. Louis to get some face time at work, and to visit with family and friends. Pretty much the perfect balance in my eyes.

This morning was my first "work remotely" day, and as I sit here eating my lunch, I thought I'd share with you photos of my morning walk. It seems as if I should have made a bigger pot of coffee and shared it with my new neighbors. 

Here's Tatiana, trying to wake up.

My what big teeth you have, Tati

Raina, our female lion at Wild Adventure Animal Park, getting in on the yawn action.

And here's Moses, Mr. Vocal, who woke me up this morning with his roaring.
Hope you're having a great Monday!


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