Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If You Could Do It All Over?

As my husband and I are preparing our eldest child to embark upon the journey that is known as High School next year, I have been doing quite a bit of looking back at my own High School experience. What did I do right? What did I do wrong? What would I do differently?

So I've asked a few of my friends what they would have done differently if they had the chance to a.) do it over again, and b.) do it over again knowing what they know now ... and here are some of the responses that I got!

(THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my call for help!)

- I would get into more trouble and learn some lessons earlier.

- I would have focused on my future instead of the attention of others.

- On one hand would think to be more studious, yet if I did things diff would I get here? Not a bad place in many ways.

- Worry less about what other people thought and more about my future.

- I would have found the balls to ask her out. :) #donedifferently

- I would have enjoyed the days more instead of wishing for next milestone.

- I'd change nothing. Those lessons then prepared me for today.

- Study way harder and I wouldn't sweat the small stuff, HS is such a small percentage of your life to worry about it.

- I would love to do it over again and realize that I didn't need to wear a paper bag on my head. I was a pretty girl ;)

- I would actually apply myself!!!

- So much - One thing I would for sure do is be more involved with school functions. Maybe even play a sport.

- Having since learned to read social cues, I wouldn't have been so oblivious to the fact that girls actually did notice me.

- Also wouldn't have been so terrified of the people who threatened, and pushed me around.

- Differently? I'd ask more girls out. :)

- Work harder on enjoying learning.

- I would have rethought the mullet look!!!! (haha ... love that one!!)

- Do homework, build good study habits, and ignore the stupid stuff.

- Separate the judgemental qualities from my passion and assertiveness! And also dress more like a girl, heh.

- Care a lot less about what other people think. And study...so that my stellar SAT score wouldn't go to waste with my poor GPA.

- I probably would've dreamed bigger too...

- Not spend as much time trying to be cool and just to be myself. Took me halfway through college to figure that one out.

- More study and more work.

- I'd study harder and take more math classes. Seriously I would. I got an ok ACT score, but didn't take any math after 9th grade, I didn't have to for whatever reason, so needless to say, if it requires more fingers and toes than I have, I'm in trouble!

- High school was perfect. Wouldn't do anything. Id WOULD though have fun outside of school by moving the road layout stakes in the middle of the night to screw with IDOT.

- ‎1) Go to a different high school! 2) Actually try in some of my classes.

- Apply my self more and hit the beach less....well, maybe apply myself while @ the beach!

- Believe in myself more and not let the nay says have as much of a voice. Glad I got over that!

- I'd have broken more rules. A lot more.

- I would have actually studied. I passed everything but could have excelled. My school wasn't motivating at all! Should have stuck with Catholic school.

- I was the typical teen aged girl with emotion/drama. I would have been much more laid back.

- Spend more time with those who live Christ.

- I wouldn't have dated that jerk. ;-) lol

- Okay so I wouldn't change a thing, because I like who I am today..and without all of my learning experiences i wouldn't be me. So no.

- I wouldn't change a thing. I do wish my brother had a different experience though. He got picked on ALOT & I don't think anyone should have to go though that.

- Not too much differently. I would have put more effort into all aspects of my life, been nicer to my parents, and talked less in Mrs. Kelly's class.

- I'd keep High School the same, maybe a little more networking for my ideal profession. There are a few things I'd change about undergrad, though.

- Take more chances, play soccer, and take Spanish instead of (worthless) French.

- I would have been a better friend and less boy crazy.

- Not give a sh*t? :)

- I wish I would have been nice to everyone.

- I would be nicer to people. I would take more chances.

- I wouldn't have worried so much about my " permanent record".

Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback! I feel much more prepared to guide this child through the formative years called High School. And though hard work is very important, I want to make sure he has a little fun too. That is what I would do differently ... not take High School SO seriously, have a little fun, and not worry about what others thought about me!

Got any more comments? Add them below please!


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  1. What would I do different? Everything!!!!