Friday, February 4, 2011

Retro Friday ... Borderline

Happy *Freezing* Friday to you all!

Today's Retro Friday features the song "Borderline" ... and the artist Madonna!

Yeah, yeah ... Madonna is not exactly what I would consider "Retro" ... but she is from the 80's ... and I've been singing "Borderline" since I heard it at the gas station yesterday morning on my way to work ... so I need to get it out of my system!!

Ahhh ... Madonna. Many of my formative years include many of Madonna's songs as it's soundtrack! My favorite Madonna story is told by my Mother! When I was in Middle School I sang in the choir at school. Now, growing up in Southern California, you get some interesting fnd raising opportunities. For example, my Girl Scout troop did some fund raising by helping put flowers on Rose Parade floats. Not a bad gig, eh? And my school choir, they would take us to a game show (such as Wheel of Fortune, or Hollywood Squares ... something like that) and the studio would PAY your organization to sit in the audience and applaud. Not a bad gig either!

So my poor Mother has a car full of 7th grade girls, headed down to the studio for our fund raising gig, and "Like a Virgin" by Madonna comes on the radio. And there we are ... all awkward and giggling ... and singing "Like a Virgin" at the top of our lungs. So my Mom asks us ... "Do you girls know what that song is about?" ... and back then, at 12, we truly had no idea ... so she just enjoyed our laughter and didn't make a big deal about it.

Good grief ... if we had only known what we were singing!

So hopefully, now that I've put pen to paper (so to speak), now I can get Madonna out of my head (and into yours)!

Here's a little Madonna for your listening pleasure!


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