Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pittsburgh Folks Are Everywhere

Well, I had a rant all set and ready to go today, but I decided to take a deep breath, and be nice today instead! *snark alert downgraded*

So instead, I am going to share how it seems to be, that everywhere I go, I run into a fellow Pittsburgher!

Here I am with one of my #SMCSTL friends @u2acro ... you guessed it, a fellow Pittsburgher!

This phenomenon has been occurring to me for quite some time. I have not lived in Pittsburgh since I was a child, but it seems as though I attract people from Pittsburgh wherever I go!

I remember when I was in High School, my family and I took a three week vacation in which we drove from L.A. to Vancouver and back. When we were in Portland, Oregon we stayed in this lovely Bed & Breakfast. The woman was explaining to us where everything was and when breakfast was when my Dad interrupts ... "Are you from Pittsburgh?" To which she replied, "Why yes I am! How did you know?" and he responded "I would recognize that accent anywhere!"

These chance encounters happen to me all the time! It's the strangest thing!

And most recently, I was on a retreat a few weeks ago with my church. Towards the end of the first night we broke up into small groups, and when our group leader started talking I immediately thought to myself ... oh my gosh, that sounds like a Pittsburgh accent. After our small group discussions were over I asked her, "Are you from St. Louis?" And she said, "No, not originally." And then I asked, "Are you from Pittsburgh?" And she replied, "Yes!!" What are the odds, that in a group of 88 women, I would be in a small group with a lady from Pittsburgh?!

It's crazy I tell you! I don't know if us Pittsburghers just attract each other or what, but I must say it's pretty cool!

I am very excited about the Super Bowl! I was going to borrow my Dad's Jerome Bettis jersey, but I found an old Steeler tee in my drawer, so I am good to go!

How about that ... I turned an "Angry Thursday" into "Happy Thursday!" :)


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