Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today's edition of Retro Friday features the songs Crazy and Electric Blue, by the band Icehouse.

One of my high school friends, Hillary, turned me on to the band Icehouse. If I recall correctly, it was her boyfriend's favorite band, but I really grew to like them myself.

The rock band Icehouse originated in Sydney, Australia in 1977 as the band Flowers. They were initially known in Australia for their pub rock style. They later achieved mainstream success playing new wave and synthpop style music, and attained Top Ten singles chart success in both Europe and the U.S. The driving creative force behind both Flowers and Icehouse has been Iva Davies (singer-songwriter, record producer, guitar, bass, keyboards, oboe) supplying additional musicians as required. The name Icehouse, which they adopted in 1981, comes from an old, cold flat Davies once lived in.

Some of my favorite Icehouse songs are Crazy, Electric Blue, Man of Colours, and No Promises ... with Crazy and Electric Blue being my all times favorites!

Crazy and Electric Blue kind of became my theme songs or the sound track of my later college years at Notre Dame. I had developed a crush on this boy (only because it was pointed out to me that HE was looking at ME), who had the bluest eyes EVER, and so Electric blue kind of became HIS song.

Once I realized that he had been looking at me, then I became much more interested in him, and then after that it seemed as though we were often times in circumstances where he was doing something embarrassing ... or I was doing something embarrassing. Including, but not limited to, me almost fainting in the middle of North Quad ... and me ACTUALLY fainting at the Notre Dame/Michigan State game in the fall of 1992. Oy vey.

So anyways, before I give away too much information regarding this mysterious crush from days of old ... here is a little Icehouse for your listening pleasure!


Electric Blue



  1. Holy Moly, i totally forgot Icehouse! These videos are a visual expression of how bad the haircuts were back then... :-)

    So you nearly fainted on NQ? Well welcome to the club, i passed out on NQ. But that did not have anything to do with hormons. It was related to a more subtile chemical compound: C2H5OH = Alcohol.
    And it was the night after the FSU game in 93. We wanted to go to Grace Hall, you know firing up the #1. But i failed miserably.

  2. Haha ... I was at the game as well!! That was the game that we were sitting four rows behind O.J. Simpson ... just a few short months before the "slow white bronco chase." Ahhh, good times! LOL :)