Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Life as a Soundtrack

My apologies for all of the music posts as of late, but some days I think that my story can best be told through music, rather than through words.

I've been reflecting lately on Offspring #1's upcoming adventure into the realm of dating, and all of the excitement and heartache that goes along with that. Boy, I have no desire to relive those teenage years again. Even though it did come with a lot of memorable, exciting, happy, blissful moments ... it also came along with it's fair share of heartache and tears.

All of those boys/young men, that I thought were "the one" who turned out to just be a fleeting moment of happiness, and then a crash and burn of heartache. It was all worth it, truly it was ... but as a Mother, you want to shield your child from all of that heartache ... even though you know that that heartache is the path to finding "the one." It is still not the most pleasant of journeys, but necessary I suppose!

So I leave you with a little 80's, adolescent teenage heartache music for today ... So In Love, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.

So In Love ...

Talk to me,
don't lie to me
Save your breath

Don't look at me,
don't smile at me
Just close your eyes

I was so impressed by you
I was running blind
I would fall for every trick
Every twist of mind

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
It's hard to believe
I was so in love with you

Don't say your prayers,
don't build your hopes
Just walk away

Don't phone me up,
don't call around
Don't waste your time

You were so in awe of me
You were so divine
You would do just anything
To still be mine

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
It's hard to believe
I was so in love with you

All the things you said to me
I was so obsessed
You were always talking talking
God I did my best

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
It's hard to believe
I was so in love with you



  1. Hey, this brings back memories. All the girls i dated... :-)
    Strangely still today, i can associate a song with a specific situation.
    And funny stories to tell. LOL.
    But as it is heartbreak topic today:

    Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams

    When listening to the song, i still remember the time, girl and the occasion of why we broke up.

    Good posts. Keep'em up.

  2. Thank you as always!! Keep the comments coming! :)