Friday, December 31, 2010

Retro Fridays ... Bizarre Love Triangle

What's a retro Friday without a tune by New Order!

Ahhh ... Bizarre Love Triangle. This song sparks so many stories from my college days. Two in particular come to mind.
The first of which is the first formal dance we had in college ... which was a night that turned out to be a comedy of errors, all sparked by one gentleman, who we'll just call "J" (who thank goodness was not MY date).

His two most memorable actions of the night were as follows. 1.) serenading ME, and dancing all over me to the song Bizarre Love Triangle (did I mention that he was NOT my date). I just stood there thinking ... what ARE you doing?
And then 2.) pissing my friend T off on the bus ride home, so much so that she leaned over her date to punch J, missed J, and punched HER date instead. (Which caused me to spend the ENTIRE next day patching things up between T and her date, and clearing up the punching misunderstanding! But no worries, T and her date ended up getting married!)

(us circa 1989 ... lol)

Nice couch, huh?
The second Bizarre Love Triangle moment occurred at another dance Freshman year. This dance was affectionately referred to as a SYR dance ... Screw Your Roommate. You were supposed to set your roommate up on a blind date (and I guess you were supposed to "Screw Your Roommate" with a bad date, but we never did that).

So my friends set me up with this guy that I had a HUGE crush on! We had a great night, but the funniest thing happened. We are out on the dance floor (what is it with me and dance floors??) and Bizarre Love Triangle comes on and he starts dancing all crazy ... flailing his head around ... and he says "This is how we danced at my High School." Oh boy ... what have I gotten myself into!!

We still laugh over that today. Whenever Bizarre Love Triangle comes on, my friend K and I look at each other and say, "This is how we danced at my High School!"

Good times!

Okay ... enjoy a little New Order ... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



  1. Ok, Europe-Style: I am here at a New Years Eve party (11:26pm). My wife didnt allow me to watch the Sun Bowl. So i am sitting here in the restroom with my iPhone and CBSSports Mobile app... :-)
    Before you ask: Yes i am going to regret this.
    Lol. i think current students @ND dont know what SYR's are anymore. Too bad.
    Coming back to music and New Order. Sorry to come back to the '93 FSU game. But after the game we listened ("drunk") all night to the Technique CD and partied till the morning, when we decided, now full drunk, to check if someone as already lit the #1 sign on Grace Hall.
    Surprisingly, out of the dorm, we did not come very far.....

  2. surprising how things come about. I remember this post @oates03