Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real Fans?

So what exactly makes a fan ... a "real " fan?

An extensive knowledge of the sport? Or maybe an extensive knowledge of the sport AND of the team they pledge their absolute devotion to? The ability to argue intelligently (and to the bitter end) with a fellow fan of the same or opposite team? A mind filled to the brim with stats and win/loss probabilities? And I guess my real question is this ... is a guy more of a "real" fan than a girl??

Why is it that guys automatically assume that because you are a girl, that you could not possibly know as much as they do about said sport. That there is no possible way that you could be so devoted to said sport that you'd even follow recruiting. Recruiting? What girl follows recruiting?

All some guys see is a pretty face, dressed in a cute tee or jersey, and cannot wrap their brain around the fact that the girl in that cute tee or jersey may actually know more about said sport than they do.

All I'm saying is this. Don't just assume that a pretty face is just a pretty face. Just ask the guys that I play Fantasy Football with (*cough* ... first place), or the guys on the recruiting web site that I frequent ... "just a pretty face" assumptions can often end in embarrassing results.

Here's to all of the football mavens ... and Puck Bunnies ... who are WAY more than just groupies or trophy wives!

And boys ... beware!



  1. You are way more than a pretty face! You may be in first place, but I believe I kicked your *cough* ass when we played head to head!

  2. Oh no JR ... I'm not in first place in your league ... but I am in my money league!! And yes, you indeed kicked my ass!! lol