Thursday, December 9, 2010

With Childlike Wonder, Part 2

My first "with childlike wonder" post was in relation to my absolute love of Notre Dame Football. This one actually involves a "child!"

I try to expose my children to all sorts of diverse activities ... and the latest thing I've introduced them to (well, latest as in throughout the last year) is horse racing. For each of the three Triple Crown races, as well as the Breeder's Cup race, I invited the children to sit with me and watch the lead-up to the races, along with the actual race of course ... and gave them a little background about each race. They seem to have enjoyed it, especially my daughter. Heck, what little girl doesn't like horses!!??

So last Friday night I took my daughter and her friend to see the movie "Secretariat." Neither one of them really knew anything about the movie (my daughter did a little bit ... her friend not at all), and they weren't really all that excited about seeing the movie, but I just knew they would like it.

The movie started out a little slow, as far as 11 year olds are accustomed to, but once it really got into the story, they were all in. When Secretariat ran the first race of the Triple Crown, both girls were sitting on the edge of their seats, and my daughter was holding her breath!! After Secretariat won the first race she looked at me, smiling and watching her, and said, "You know how this ends, don't you??!!" And I said, "Yup!"

They both absolutely loved the movie!! How do I know this? The entire 25 minute car ride home they kept saying how that was "the best movie they had ever seen!"

I just love to see that "childlike wonder" ... it really makes me feel young again ... and renews me from the day-to-day grind!

What "childlike wonder" have you seen lately??


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