Friday, January 7, 2011

Retro Fridays ... Sweet Soul Sister

It's time again for another edition of Retro Friday! Today's featured song/artist is Sweet Soul Sister by The Cult.

I believe it was my Senior year at Notre Dame when The Cult, and a hot new artist Lenny Kravitz came in concert to South Bend. They played in the basketball arena, and there really is not a bad seat in the house.

(The Girls circa 1993)

The Cult opened for Lenny Kravitz, and while The Cult was performing, Lenny came out on stage behind them wearing nothing but a feather boa. Wow. Then, when Lenny came out on stage to do his set, The Cult came out behind him holding up these big signs that read ... "suck my big black ........"

Well, you can fill in the blank there.

I have NO idea how they got away with that at Notre Dame, of all places, but apparently they did.

It was an awesome concert, and I still to this day love The Cult.

If you're a youngin' and have not heard The Cult before ... definitely check them out!

Some of my favorites are:

Sweet Soul Sister

Fire Woman

She Sells Sanctuary



  1. LOVE the Cult! What an awesome show that must have been w/LK. he's pretty sexy, and in a feather boa no less! hee hee! I've got that Cult CD, I may just have to break it out! Fire Woman was always my fave.

  2. Awesome, i vividly remember She Sells Sanctuary, because it was played at an offsite party during high school over and over.

    Speaking of High School, here is a funny story:

    You should know, i spent my high school days in a catholic boarding school (a benedict monastery with an affiliated high school).
    A buddy, with whom i shared a room, brought his Marantz 400W stereo with him, and we sneaked it into our room.
    Two days later, we opened our window, put the speaker outside of the window (towards the inner circle of buildings).
    30 min before Laudes (the morning prayer), we put on full at 400W:
    The Human League - Love Action
    Needless to say the whole boarding school rumbled, Monks were running all over the place, like alarmed chicken.
    "Unofficially" we were the heroes. The coolest guys on earth at the age of 15. The fun did not last long.
    Sufficient to say, we were punished real hard. In addition a week later our punishment was increased, because apparently the monks got a hold of the lyrics. LOL.
    Guess what, ND ResLife is a laughable joke against these guys… :-)
    We were very lucky to be expelled from school.

  3. Stupid. Of course it should say:
    We were very lucky NOT to be expelled from school.

  4. Yes, Ms. Domestic Goddess ... it was an amazing concert!!

    And Stefan ... you WERE lucky to not be kicked out of school! haha