Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm not sure which is more exciting ... the anticipation you have that there *may* be a snow day the next day ... or waking up in the morning to find out there actually *is* a snow day. Probably the latter, but either way, what is better than a snow day??

And if you are lucky ... you'll have a big test on your snow day, and that means you get one more day to cram information into your head. Which is what happened to my daughter today! She was half-heartedly studying last night for her Social Studies test today, as I'm sure in the back of her mind she was hoping that today would be a snow day. I, however, was not so optimistic, so I made her study all the same ... but sure enough, the phone rang at 6:00am this morning, announcing that all of the schools in our district had cancelled classes today! Woo hoo!!!!!

(photo courtesy of Jeff Andrea, @TheCaptain11)

I remember during the second semester of my Senior Year at Notre Dame ... I had my classes scheduled as such. I had ONE class on M-W-F, and FOUR classes on TU-TH. This made Tuesdays and Thursdays a marathon day, but the "sprint" it created on Monday-Wednesday-Friday was heavenly!!

So this particular weekend, a big snow was predicted. They were always predicting *big* snows in South Bend, but South Bend is always prepared for *big* snows (hello, Lake Effect snow), that we never had classes cancelled due to weather. Never. Not even once in the three and a half years that I had thus far been at Notre Dame.

The snow began to fall on Sunday ... it snowed all day and all night on Sunday. Kept snowing on Monday. And when we woke up on Tuesday there was FOUR FEET of snow on the ground. I kid you not. The doors to our dorm opened OUT, and there was so much snow that had accumulated overnight, that someone ended up jumping out of a second story window (into a cushion of fluffy snow) to dig us out!!

This had to have been the most beautiful day in South Bend that I have ever seen! The campus was covered in the most beautiful layer of snow. I took an entire roll of film (yes, roll of film!!) that day, and I've never seen the campus so pretty since. Not even on the perfect fall day. This was amazing.

And then we proceeded to steal trays out of the dining hall (shh!) and go sledding on Holy Cross hill. Absolutely the perfect day.

These days the perfect day pretty much consists of sitting in my comfy chair with my coffee and looking out at the snow ... knowing that I don't have to drive in it ... but that was pretty much the perfect college snow day! And to top it off ... I missed FOUR CLASSES that day. Rad.

Okay ... I hope where ever you are ... you are having the perfect snow day as well!



  1. Drama Queen keeps hoping for a snow day, but the only two that could possible be snow days happened on a Saturday. Ha Ha!!!!

  2. Shoot. I can not remember! Oh thats frustrating. For me it should be junior year. :-(
    But i recall the annual snowball fights. They were awesome. Yeah, South Quad sucks. Big Time! :-)
    Anyone knows if they still happening?