Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Music Rewind ... Jane Says!

(Last Friday just totally got away from me ... so last week's Retro Friday is appearing today as Monday Music Rewind!)

Today's Monday Music Rewind features the song Jane Says ... and the band Jane's Addiction.

I remember being really, really into Jane's Addiction my senior year in High school, and like most High School things, it revolved around a boy!

There was this boy that I had this HUGE crush on, and he was the epitome of cool. Black leather jacket. Black boots. Long-ish dark hair. Motorcycle. Football player (defense, not the QB). Really, he couldn't have been much cooler. He was all into reading these Clive Barker books ... which then of course meant that I liked those Clive Barker books. And I remember him being into the band Jane's Addiction. So I ran out and bought the cassette tape (yeah, as if that doesn't date me!), and the cover art on this particular album was controversial, to say the least, and I remember having to hide it from my parents!

To this day, I LOVE Jane's Addiction. And every time I hear one of their songs from this particular album, it really brings me back to my Senior year. Good times!

The story about the boy doesn't have a happy ending though. He had a tragic string of events occur to him, and instead of becoming the famed, brooding writer that I was sure he'd be, he's serving time. But I digress!

Here's a little Jane's Addiction for you listening pleasure! Jane Says:

And one more ... Been Caught Stealing:



  1. The been caught stealing video was a bit weird, but the song was good. Thanks for this!

  2. Not a big Jane's Addiction fan, but speaking of crushes:
    For a long time, Boarding School was all-boy, but in the early 80's they also accepted girls. There was this all-american girl M.B. (she was american in fact) i had a huge crush on. We hooked up in the summer. Her parents went to a short trip over new year '82/'83., so we decided to have a party at her parents house on NYE '82.
    We invited all our friends. Unfortunately "the friends" invited their friends and pretty soon the whole party got out of hands.
    Funny thing is, this whole party went wreck, while we were making out upstairs in her room.
    The next morning the house looked like a 1000lb bomb had struck the house. Extensive repairs were necessary. Needless to say: She was grounded for the next 6 months.

    This was our song that evening:

    Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

    So whenever i hear this song. i am reminded of this memorable evening/night and of M. LOL.