Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pittsburghese Part 2

Yesterday, in honor of my hometown, Pittsburgh Steelers making the Super Bowl once again … I highlighted a few nouns from the Pittsburghese vernacular.

Yeah, yeah ... I'm back at it again! Today I'm going to take a look at some of the verbs and key phrases of Pittsburghese! Sure, it's all English, but trust me ... if you hear one of these phrases come out of some one's mouth, you are sure to know they are from Pittsburgh!

My list will show how it’s pronounced, and then the actual word/definition.


Heat ups: Left overs.
Hit the bricks: Leave. Get lost.
How's abaht: How about, with feeling.
Inna: In the.
Ize: I was.
Jimminy Chrismas!: Term used by old fogies when something goes wrong.
Kimm'awn: Come on.
Living Daylights: Referring to a beating.
Morrenat: More than that.
Nunya: None of your.
Open da light: To turn on a lighting fixture in the room.
Go redd the table: Go set the table
I redd the house: I cleaned the house.
See yas!: Words for goodbye.
Sick'n tard: Sick and tired.
Sposda: Supposed to.
That's it, Fort Pitt: That's right or it's all over.
Took a heart attach: Had a heart attack.
Yer-in-yer-aht!: You are in, and then, you are out.


Axst: Asked.
Dethaw: Defrost.
Dickerin': To bargain.
Divvy up: To divide or separate.
Git: Get.
Loaf: To hang out.
Member: Remember.
Ooglin': Staring.
Rasslin: Wrestling.
Redd off: Clear off.
Redd up: To tidy up.
Roon, Roont, or Rooned Ruin, and its variations: Root'n Searching, Looking
Scootch: Move over.
Scroonrahnd: Screwing around.
Shinny: Climb.
Slepin: Overslept.
Stop up: Come over.
Worsh: Wash.
Yar: You Are.

The funniest thing to me about this Pittsburgh vernacular, is that if you are from Pittsburgh, and are anywhere in the world ... you'd recognize another Pittsburgher instantly! But that is a story for tomorrow!

Until then ... Cheers!

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  1. when my son's (Glenn) girlfriend visited our house , she asked at the door "Is Glenn in there?"